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Welcome to Debunk Fake Medical News Singapore by Asia MD. Over the past 12 months, we have come up against two public health crises. The first, a global pandemic. The second, misinformation that has run rampant in Singapore of late, amid the rise of COVID-19 cases and several clusters that have recently come to light.

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How harmful is fake medical news?
The fight against the Covid-19 is being undermined by an epidemic of epic proportions: The proliferation of fake medical news.

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Pandemic-related fake news, general health fake news or even medical fake news no longer about science, health issues but instead spreads half-truths on government policies.

Clarifications: Misinformation, rumours regarding COVID-19

Are you searching for information that debunk fake news and online falsehoods pertaining to the COVID-19 outbreak or even news surrounding medical policies regarding handling of the COVID 19 outbreak or even any falsehoods with regards to the COVID 19 Vaccination.

The sensationalised content latent in COVID-19 vaccine related falsehoods and misinformation pose a serious threat to the public’s acceptance of their vaccine prospects by crowding out factually accurate news and scientific information which tend to be less comprehensible and engaging in comparison.

Making decisions based on fake medical news can harm your health. Recognise falsehoods with pro tips from Singapore’s Director of Medical Services Kenneth Mak. Pandemic-related fake news no longer about science, health issues but instead spreads half-truths on government policies.

While trust in official media sources remains high in Singapore, six in 10 of the participants in a local study have received fake news about COVID-19 on social media.

Social media was cited as the preferred source of information on the outbreak for the public, and the most prevalent channels used to share COVID-19 information are messaging platforms, which include WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger.

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Asia MD is supported by top medical doctors and medical specialists who provide accurate medical information. The medical articles published on Asia MD have been written or edited by trained, experienced journalists who:

  • Have interviewed medical doctors directly.
  • Use verified medical information from healthcare authorities or government agencies.
  • Source authentic information from medical textbooks or established medical journals.

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As COVID-19 continues to spread, so does fake news and misinformation. Counter the COVID-19 infodemic with ASIA MD.

Lets combat Health & Medical Misinformation and disinformation together!

Misinformation and disinformation weaken the bonds we build in our communities, so its high time we start making sense of and communicating complex information to help restore these bonds.

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Always validate the news that you recieve when is related to health & medical. Read news from a trusted and verified source like Asia MD’s website. Together we can debunk medical fake news!