Improve lighting during open surgery

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Innovations, Product

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Open surgery fundamentally requires the highest degree of clear visibility to work on the tissues or accurately diagnose a condition. That includes having the best illumination within the tight confines of the surgical field to reduce the risk of tissue burns and potential errors and to enhance patient safety. In this article, we discuss the benefits of using novel lighting support systems for the operating theatre that could potentially reduce surgical errors, lower operating stress and ultimately improve surgery outcomes for patients.

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Will surgical light innovations change the way surgery is performed, not just in hospitals but everywhere from local clinics to remote specialised emergency facilities in the field? Let’s find out.

OPELAIII Wearable Surgical Lighting System

OpelaIII surgical lighting

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With the goal of bridging the gap between shadowless light (OR light) and conventional surgical headlight, OPELAIII was created through a needs-based collaboration between one of the top surgical light specialists and a renowned product designer to achieve high-quality illumination with a device that is high in mobility and ergonomic.

It transforms the application of medical lighting systems by bringing together the powerful illumination of ceiling-mounted OR light and the mobility of headlights to enhance visibility, comfort and safety. Due to the top-of-the-line illumination capability at 145,000 lux (with a distance of 400mm), OPELAIII significantly enhances visual clarity, allowing surgeons to better identify target tissues and avoid highly delicate areas such as blood vessels or nerves as much as possible. Shadows can also be minimised through the freedom of movement achieved by the mounted headlight that centres immediately on the surgeon’s field of vision.

For open surgeries involving smaller incisions or to reach deeper tissue regions, surgical headlights such as OPELAIII serves to enhance visibility penetration while easing the surgeon’s stress levels through its tilt feature with a wide range of angle that reduces neck strain and fading contour of light that reduces eye fatigue, especially during long operations.

Integra® DUO LED Surgical Headlight System

With an excellent visualisation system that provides whiter light, greater colour consistency and brightness consistency, the Integra® DUO LED Surgical Headlight System is another excellent surgical headlight system for open surgeries. With an ergonomic headband design, the device exerts three times less force on sensitive cranial points, thus providing superior comfort with optimised airflow and balanced weight distribution features.

BFW LED Surgical Headlight System

A compact LED surgical headlight system with enduring battery life, it allows surgeons to minimise OR interruptions and stay focused on their procedures. BFW’s surgical LED headlights provide uniform lighting across the entire surgical field through the alignment of the surgeon’s line of sight. With its lightweight, ergonomic design, eye strain and fatigue can be further reduced during lengthy procedures.


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