Female fertility health: Conceiving naturally

by | Dec 27, 2022 | Innovations, Product, Women

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Globally, with the predicament of declining fertility rates among many countries, especially in the developed economies, couples desiring children are becoming more open to exploring new and innovative ways to conceive a child. With the advancements in science, 2022 has seen a couple of fertility innovations with no hormones, doctors, or invasive procedures. As such, this article explores a number of fertility innovation solutions.

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Improving female fertility: Hormone-free conception aid to conceive naturally

Developed by one of Europe’s leading fertility specialists, the FERTI·LILY® Conception Cup uses no hormones and it works by stimulating natural conception. This is how the cup works: inserted after intercourse, the cup pushes and holds the sperm closer to the cervix allowing 300% more sperm cells to swim through the cervix. FERTI·LILY’s clinical study about the efficacy of its cup has been published in the Journal of Pregnancy and Newborn Care – read more here.

Sperm-friendly lubricant to conceive naturally

The second challenge that prevents fertilisation lies in vagina dryness, where research has shown that the sexual health phenomenon occurs in 46% of all reproductive-age women. Clinically proven, the FERTI·LILY Conception Gel provides lubrication to help couples trying to conceive while being friendly to sperm survival.

Reproductive science out of the lab, into your home

Founded by scientists and powered by an (all female) research team, the at-home hormone and fertility test, hertility, allows trying-to-conceive women to better understand their egg quality, pinpoint fertility health symptoms and flag reproductive health conditions. With the self-test kit, women can now proactively receive insights into their hormones and fertility and get support with what to do next, all without leaving the house.

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