Innovative Hand Gloves to Improve Tremour and Stroke Recovery

by | May 9, 2023 | Innovations, Product

Need a cup of coffee? Most of us reach out for that hot brew effortlessly without even realising that a complex system of musculoskeletal and brain processes is hard at work. However, for patients with reduced mobility, even grabbing a simple spoon may prove to be rather challenging.

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With our hand being one of the most complex, sophisticated biological motor systems in our body, living with reduced hand mobility can be very discouraging for patients. In this article, we explore a number of advanced hand gloves to help rehabilitate stroke patients’ or anyone with the need to improve their hand functions to improve their quality of life.

Hand Rehabilitation Robotic Gloves

In general, robotic hand gloves help to train the hand(s) of a patient with reduced mobility, which can arise from various causes, from accidents to strokes. The synchronisation movements involving both hands put the brain neurons to work and therefore aid in the recovery of normal motor nerve pathways to the patient’s hands.

Powered by a system of pneumatic drive system (or in simpler terms, compressed air system), rehabilitation robot gloves work by assisting stroke patients to automatically guide the patients’ fingers to perform passive hemiplegia rehabilitation training such as flexion exercises, extension and grasping, which activates neurons in the motor cortex of the brain, thus helping the brain to relearn the hand functions.

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In general, this is how the hand rehabilitation robotic gloves work:

  1. Power up the system
  2. Choose the mode of programme (Eg Mirror glove mode)
  3. Put on the gloves
  4. If needed, user can adjust the valves and train his fingers separately or as a whole
  5. Select the required frequency and time parameters

Watch the hand rehabilitation robotic gloves demonstration video for a walkthrough on operating the system. With that, we hope that you find this article helpful in introducing innovative hand gloves to improve recovery from hand tremours and stroke, among other related medical conditions that need hand rehabilitation. As this article is written for general knowledge purposes, it is advisable to seek a professional healthcare practitioner for medical advice for your medical conditions.


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