Innovations in Bluetooth hearing aids

by | Dec 16, 2021 | Innovations, Product, ENT, Lifestyle, Older Adults & Seniors

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Bluetooth hearing aids. Hearing aids have certainly come a long way in the past few decades. Today, Bluetooth technology is fast becoming the industry standard in hearing aids. With Bluetooth hearing aids, users can be connected to their smartphones, smart televisions and tablets. All these audio stream signals can be sent directly to the hearing aids. We take a look at a few prominent ones available today.

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Smart technology – Starkey Livio AI

Yes, you read that ‘AI’ right and yes, it stands for Artificial Intelligence. In short, the Starkey Livio AI is one smart device!

Besides streaming audio, they also track personal fitness and detect falls (useful for caregivers). Additionally, there is a built-in audio assistant that translates foreign languages.

You get all of that, on top of all the normal Bluetooth functions such as connection to both iPhone and Android phones, streaming of music and listening to phone calls.

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For severe hearing loss – Phonak Audeo & Naida

Widely recognized as some of the better devices available for severe hearing loss, Phonak Audeo and Naida models are Bluetooth-enabled and lets you connect seamlessly to smartphones, tablets, TVs and other smart devices. Catering to a wide range of mild to extreme hearing loss, this means that you can get these aids adjusted to compensate for any change of hearing loss.

Furthermore, these models come equipped with motion sensors that allow users to easily move from each Bluetooth device.

Good value – Lively

For seniors looking to get good value in Bluetooth hearing aids, Lively will likely be a top choice. Costing about half of the pricing of other market-leading products, Lively devices have been popular amongst those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

Suitable for use with both iPhones and Android devices, Lively hearing aids are available in two types: one that runs on traditional batteries, or another that has a rechargeable battery (30 hours of use). With its wireless technology, you can control these devices with your smartphone easily.


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