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Working to Stop Misinformation and False News. Controlling the spread of misinformation. Verified Medical News Singapore by Asia MD is your one stop medical news and medical updates website in Singapore, providing expert verified medial news in Singapore. You can be assured of the accuracy of the news and medical updates that are published on Asia MD’s website.

Dispel Medical Fake News Singapore. Debunk Medical Misinformation. Medical misinformation has centred around key themes: food and beverages as “cures,” hygiene practices, and medicines. Psychologists’ research on misinformation and ‘fake news‘ may help in the fight to debunk myths surrounding COVID-19.

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Searching for a medical specialist matching in Singapore? Looking for a Chatbot Doctor in Singapore?

Medical Chatbot Singapore: Welcome to our Health & Medical Chatbot in Singapore, that matches you to Singapore based Doctors, Surgeons and Specialists, especially developed by Asia MD

The launch of Medical Chatbot Singapore by Asia MD – Singapore based Medical & Health Chatbot launched by Asia MD

Singapore Chatbot – Medical & Health. Time is critical for healthcare providers, especially in the middle of the pandemic. AsiaMD.com has developed Medical Chatbot Singapore that recommends specialist doctors for your medical conditions
– Free for public (public do not pay any fees for our service)
– Fast appointment time
– See experienced specialists in private hospitals
– Public can choose the most appropriate specialist doctor for your specific medical condition

Online Medical & Health Chatbot, Doctors Appointment, Specialist Matching by Asia MD – Healthcare Chatbots | Digital AI assistants

Asia MD – Your one stop Health & Medical News Website! Asia MD is your trusted source for medical treatment information, health and medical news information. We provided verified and credible health information for you.

Our Mission

To provide verified medical information and help patients find the best medical care.

Why do we start this website & chatbot service?

We don’t want fake medical news. When we have pain or health discomfort, we want accurate medical information to solve our problems. And we want them immediately! More importantly, we want to see the best medical doctor to give correct diagnosis and treatment.

Asia MD Chatbot

An online chatbot is now available to those who are seeking for additional advise for specific medical conditions and looking to be matched with the best specialist doctor for their specific medical ailments or conditions. Our Asia MD team will suggest medical doctors who are appropriate for your medical issues or questions, so that you do not waste time while looking for the correct medical specialists. Enquire within with our Health and Medical Chatbot and we will be able to match you with the best specialist doctor for your specific medical condition. Visit Asia MD website for Medical Chatbot Singapore & Health Chatbot Singapore.