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SINGAPORE – People who are unvaccinated by choice and come down with Covid-19 will have to foot their own medical bills from Dec 8 2021…. HSA is the national authority regulating health products; managing the national blood bank, transfusion medicine and forensic medicine expertise…. Health misinformation was most prevalent in studies related to smoking products and drugs such as opioids and marijuana….

Acting on the wrong information can kill. In the first 3 months of 2020, nearly 6 000 people around the globe were hospitalized because of coronavirus misinformation, recent research suggests. During this period, researchers say at least 800 people may have died due to misinformation related to COVID-19*.

At its extreme, death can be the tragic outcome of what the World Health Organization has termed the infodemic, an overabundance of information — some accurate, some not — that spreads alongside a disease outbreak. False information runs the gamut, from discrediting the threat of COVID-19 to conspiracy theories that vaccines could alter human DNA.

Kidney stones – symptoms and causes

{:en}About one in 10 Singaporeans will develop kidney stones, with the condition being slightly more common in men than in ...
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Top 2 common aging eye problems

Uncorrected refractive errors Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: Uncorrected refractive errors, such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism ...
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Considering joint replacement surgery for hip or knee pain?

The common causes of hip or knee pain are osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis. Osteoarthritis affects the cartilage and lubrication in ...
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Top 4 causes of joint pains in children

When children complain of pains and aches in their joints, there can be a number of causes behind the pain ...
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Prediabetes: Nature’s good warning sign?

{:en}Prediabetes warning sign. Considering the prevalence of diabetes in Singapore, it is not surprising for one (or one’s family members) ...
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5 easily ignored symptoms of colorectal cancer

{:en}Colorectal cancer symptoms. In Singapore, colorectal cancer is the number one cancer affecting men, and second only to breast cancer ...
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{:en}新加坡是一个胃癌中风险国家。在新加坡人口中,胃癌是男性第七大常见癌症,女性第九大常见癌症。根据《新加坡癌症注册局50周年专著(1968-2017)》,与马来人和印度人相比,华人男性患胃癌的风险最高。2008年至2012年间,新加坡华人男性胃癌的年龄标化发病率为13.4/10万人。 在Telegram上关注我们,可接收最新消息: 胃癌的成因 胃癌的发生与以下因素有关: 幽门螺杆菌感染是胃癌最重要的病因。幽门螺杆菌是一种螺旋状生物,可附着于胃粘膜中。这可能会导致消化性溃疡,还可能引发胃部变形,导致癌变。 胃癌家族史或结肠癌、乳腺癌等相关恶性肿瘤家族史。 经证明,食用过咸、腌制和盐渍食物会增加患胃癌的风险。 盐会损害胃粘膜并引起病变,并进一步恶化成为胃癌。 吸烟, 烟草会增加患胃癌的风险,特别是靠近食道的贲门癌。 症状 早期胃癌可能毫无症状,也可能只有腹胀或消化不良等轻微症状。因此,胃癌的迹象通常出现得很晚。而晚期胃癌的常见症状有: 上腹部疼痛和不适 早饱(少量进食后有饱腹感) 呕吐、体重下降、食欲不振 偶尔表现为剧烈疼痛或出血(由于血液变化而出现吐血或黑便)的急症。 一般来说,晚期胃癌的治疗效果不佳。 早期检查 与日本和韩国不同,新加坡没有全国性内窥镜筛查项目来及早发现胃癌。  然而,如果您最近出现“胃痛”或上述任何症状,而且以前没有做过检查,应咨询家庭医生,看看是否需要做胃镜检查。这是一种简单检查,仅需10分钟,将一个灵活的细探头通过嘴插入胃部,可显现出全部症状。 本文经斐瑞医院Surgi-TEN专家中心普外科医生陆志明医生审核。 {:}{:zh}新加坡是一个胃癌中风险国家。在新加坡人口中,胃癌是男性第七大常见癌症,女性第九大常见癌症。根据《新加坡癌症注册局50周年专著(1968-2017)》,与马来人和印度人相比,华人男性患胃癌的风险最高。2008年至2012年间,新加坡华人男性胃癌的年龄标化发病率为13.4/10万人。 ...
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How do shingles develop and is it because of “heatiness”?

{:en}From the perspective of Western medicine, shingles is caused by the varicella zoster virus – the same virus which causes ...
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When do swollen ankles and feet signify a heart valve problem?

{:en}When tiny blood vessels in our bodies leak fluid, it pools in surrounding tissue under our skin, leading to swelling ...
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Red flags which tell you that your back pain needs medical attention

{:en}Back Pain and Medical Attention. Most cases of back pain are innocuous and caused by muscle strain, usually resolving within ...
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Though they aren’t new, in our digital age infodemics spread like wildfire. They create a breeding ground for uncertainty. Uncertainty in turn fuels skepticism and distrust, which is the perfect environment for fear, anxiety, finger-pointing, stigma, violent aggression and dismissal of proven public health measures — which can lead to loss of life.

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Verified Medical News Singapore – Authentic Medical Updates Singapore

We bring you the latest health news from Singapore and around the world. Our doctors give topical insight into topical health news. Updates on Local COVID-19 Situation and Healthcare Capacity… the extension of vaccination to children aged 5 to 11 years in Singapore.

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What is Fake News or Medical misinformation?

Fake news consists of deliberate misinformation spread via traditional print and broadcast news media or on social media. Furthermore, fake news, particularly medical news, is written and published with the specific intent to mislead in order to damage an organisation and/or a person, often with sensationalist, exaggerated or patently false eye-catching headlines.

Types of Fake News, Medical Fake News or Health Misinformation News

There are several types of fake news. The first consists of inadvertent reporting of mistakes. These happen because of errors and gaps in the editorial process. Second, sometimes rumours lead to fake news. The third consists of conspiracy theories; these are, by definition, difficult to verify as true or false, and they are typically originated by people who believe them to be true. Fourth, satire that is likely to be misconstrued as factual also lead to fake news. Fifth, false statements by medical professionals or pharma companies in order to make profits add to fake news. Lastly, the most problematic fake news consists of reports that are slanted or misleading but not outright false.

You can find the latest COVID-19 related guidances, advisories, updates and general information here.

  • Updated Healthcare Measures in Stabilisation Phase. COVID-19 patients unvaccinated by choice will be responsible for their own medical bills.



{:en}截至2021年8月19日,将有50%的人能够复工,不超过5人的同事社交也会恢复正常进行。您的工作场所是否制定了稳妥的防疫复工计划,为员工、服务商和客户的健康和安全保驾护航? 在Telegram上关注我们,可接收最新消息: 在彭博社本月发布的全球抗疫能力排名(Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking)中,新加坡排在第11位,位居中国大陆(第9位)和比利时(第10位)之后。马来西亚和印度尼西亚排名垫底,分别排在第52位和第53位。全球抗疫能力排名是按月发布的简报,综合评估哪些国家和地区防疫最有成效,社会经济停摆最少。表现最好的经济体中,积极接种疫苗是推动疫情防控和支持重新开放的重要原因。截至2021年8月9日,新加坡已经实现了为70%的人口接种疫苗的目标。8月10日,新加坡开启了“开放经济四步走”计划的第一阶段,朝着将新冠肺炎作为局部流行病来应对的方向迈进。 AsiaMD.com查阅了一批楼宇卫生指南,以及可能对大家有用的一些专家建议。 您所在楼宇是否健康? 健康楼宇是指有益于在其中工作生活的人们的健康和福祉、有益于周围环境的建筑物。根据约瑟夫·艾伦(Joseph Ellen)和约翰·马康伯(John D. Macomber)的《健康楼宇:室内空间如何驱动业绩和生产力》一书,以下是健康楼宇的九大基本条件: 通风 空气质量良好 温度适宜 湿度适宜 粉尘和虫害控制 安全与安保 水质良好 噪音小 ...
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How harmful is fake medical news?

{:en}Fake Medical News Singapore: The search for the true Medical & Health News with Asia MD. The fight against the ...
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10 Myths on Covid-19 Infection

{:en}The pandemic which started plaguing the world at the end of 2019 is not done with its rampage yet. In ...
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What should you do in the interim if you haven’t received the Covid-19 vaccine?

{:en}There could be a few reasons why some people have not received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. Some ...
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{:en}接种新冠疫苗后,你的身体会产生免疫应答。这可能会导致一些典型的反应,是接种其他疫苗也可能发生的。 在Telegram上关注我们,可接收最新消息: 就已获批在新加坡使用的辉瑞/拜恩泰科和莫德纳两种mRNA疫苗而言,报告的常见副作用十分相似,概括如下: 常见副作用 应对办法 注射部位疼痛、红肿 如有需要可每6小时服用1-2片对乙酰氨基酚;减少衣物;大量饮水;用毛巾湿敷肿胀部位 发热、寒战 肌肉、关节疼痛 头痛 乏力 休息 颈部或腋下淋巴结肿大 休息;一周后可自愈 资料来源:新加坡卫生部和美国疾病控制和预防中心 关于副作用的详细说明 要深入了解有关辉瑞/拜恩泰科新冠疫苗副作用的详细情况,可参见新加坡卫生科学局的评估报告:“……一些人在接种疫苗后会出现注射部位疼痛、红肿;乏力;头痛;肌肉酸痛;发热、寒战;呕吐;腹泻;关节痛等副作用。”关于莫德纳新冠疫苗的副作用,新加坡卫生科学局的评估意见为:“疫苗接种者常见的副作用包括接种后注射部位肿痛、乏力、头痛、肌肉疼痛、发热、寒战、呕吐、关节痛等。部分症状(如,乏力、头痛和肌肉/关节疼痛)可能会在少数人群中更为严重。” 副作用的居家护理 这些副作用无需就医,在家中就可以处理。如遇以下情况可联系你的医生或医疗服务提供商。 接种24小时后发红和压痛加剧; ...
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10 alarming myths of Covid-19 vaccines we need to clear up

{:en}Some people may still be considering whether or not to take the Covid-19 vaccine. As of publication on July 5, ...
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Will steamboat eliminate SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes Covid-19?

{:en}What is reunion dinner on Chinese New Year Eve if the family doesn't gather over a meal of steamboat, or ...
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Safety of mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines

{:en}Singaporeans have already been warned: the Government’s aim is to get as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible, so ...
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How do I know that I have COVID-19 and not a cold or the flu?

{:en}A fever, runny nose, cough, sore throat, loss of taste and smell - these are the most commonly known symptoms ...
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All you need to know about Covid-19 vaccines in Singapore

{:en}Singapore's Ministry of Health (MOH) has authorised the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines for use in the national vaccination programme ...
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