Ways to prevent stroke

by | Nov 27, 2021 | Neurology, Brain & Nerves

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Preventing Stroke: If you know a few stroke patients personally, you should be aware that suffering a stroke can be a very debilitating event. It requires urgent medical treatment and can even be fatal, if not treated fast enough.

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Adjusting to a healthier lifestyle can help prevent strokes. What are the main ways to prevent them?

Reduce salt intake

In a recent Chinese modelling study, it was found that just by replacing regular salt with a potassium-enriched salt substitute, the rates of stroke and cardiovascular disease were reduced.

Note that soy sauces, popular in several Asian cuisines, usually contain considerable levels of brine (saltwater). If possible, try opting for the latest ‘less salt’ versions which are trending in supermarkets nowadays.

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A smoker is more likely to suffer an ischemic stroke than a non-smoker. With the risk increasing with each additional cigarette per day. Second hand smoke is also unhealthy and can affect your immediate family living in the same quarters.

Granted, quitting smoking is not easy. However, with the right program, quitting is possible for the individual. Approach any reputable health clinic for a suitable smoking cessation program.

Regular exercise

A sedentary lifestyle and obesity can be a breeding ground for strokes in high-risk people. It has been shown that regular exercise reduces the odds of having a stroke, when compared to a sedentary lifestyle.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

Studies have shown that the daily plentiful intake of fruits and vegetables greatly reduces the chances of stroke in a person.

Remember to choose fruits and vegetables over fried and sugary snacks to maintain a healthy diet. It is also best to avoid most processed meats such as sausages and bacon.


This article has been verified medically by Dr Wee Chee Keong, neurologist, Capernaum Neurology Pte Ltd, Mount Elizabeth Hospital (Singapore).


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