How S’pore scientists use nanotechnology in Covid-19 detection

by | Dec 26, 2020 | Infectious Diseases, Vaccines

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Covid-19 diagnosis. COVID Detection technology: How can Covid-19 testing be carried out en masse and results returned quickly and accurately? Medical technology (MedTech) has the answer.

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Our friends at the World Health Alliance spoke with Assistant Professor Shao Huilin, Principal Investigator at Biomedical Institute for Global Health Research & Technology (BIGHEART), National University of Singapore on the use of molecular switch, a type of nanotechnology, for quick and accurate detection of Covid-19.
In this 20-minute video, Dr Shao shares how molecular switch technology works and the advantages of using this technology for Covid-19 diagnosis. Dr Shao’s work has been published in top journals such as Nature Biotechnology and Nature Medicine.
Disclaimer: AsiaMD has not independently verified the information presented in this video. This video was first shared on the World Health Alliance Facebook page on August 31.

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