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Ask a doctor FREE in Singapore by Asia MD. Dreaming to have a Doctor Anywhere Online service? Welcome to Asia MD Ask Doctor Chatbot Service!

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Medical Chatbot Singapore by Asia MD – Ask a doctor free Singapore: A free bilingual platform with ‘Ask-A-Doctor’ service to get second opinion from top medical specialist doctors in Singapore

With growing demands to get the best medical advice from medical specialist doctors, Asia MD Pte Ltd from Singapore has launched Medical Chatbot Singapore, its ‘Ask-A-Doctor’ service in November 2021. In addition to having accurate medical articles that are fact-checked by Singapore’s top medical specialists, its website www.AsiaMD.com will link users to medical specialists quickly with zero fuss.

The Medical Chatbot (Ask a Doctor) service is free-of-charge. It caters to users in both English and Mandarin language. Users can now send medical questions (including blood tests, CT scan or MRI scan reports) to its healthcare team via its intelligent Medical Chatbot ‘Ask-A-Doctor’ page. On the backend, the Medical Chatbot Singapore team will then proceed to direct the questions to its network of top medical specialists in Singapore. Most notably, the team will direct the questions to the correct medical specialist doctors with specific sub-specialty skills or training for maximum efficiency.

Ask a doctor FREE in Singapore by Asia MD – Health Chat, Specialist Matching and more… Verify fake Medical news with Asia MD

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Even for the same disease or medical condition, each person will have unique and specific questions. For example, how do you know if your heart problem needs to be solved by heart specialists who have sub-specialty training and can handle ‘interventional cardiology’, ‘advanced cardiovascular imaging’, ‘cardiac electrophysiology’ or ‘cardiothoracic surgery’? Do you find that you need health and medical help at your finger tips? The answer is simply Ask a doctor FREE in Singapore! The ‘Ask-A-Doctor’ Healthcare Chatbot service will take care of that for you. All for free!

What you need to do is decide whether you want to get a second opinion from these specialist doctors for proper face-to-face medical consultation. And as they say, the rest is up to you! Now you can have a Doctor Anywhere Online, anytime, anywhere! Ask a doctor FREE in Singapore will save your time to get direct access to experienced expert specialist doctors in private hospitals. Additionally, users can decide and choose the most appropriate medical doctor with sub-specialist training and skills for their specific medical condition. 


  • Free service to send blood tests or X-ray reports

  • Available in English and Mandarin

  • Choices to get second opinion from top medical specialist doctors in Singapore

  • See medical specialists who can solve your specific medical condition, even if these specialist doctors work at different hospitals or institutions.

With Medical Ask the Doctor Chatbot by Asia MD, medical specialist doctors from any private practice or hospital in Singapore is within reach. The website is independent from all healthcare groups or organisations and thereby, will give you a choice to see any medical specialist doctors in Singapore who can best manage your medical problem.

Furthermore, this “Ask-A-Doctor” service is great for those who require a second medical opinion. With your blood tests or X-ray reports ready, fire those questions away to a completely new doctor for a fresh perspective on your medical condition.

A caveat applies. Obviously, this mode and line of medical enquiry is not for emergency cases. Users who have severe and acute pain or need immediate medical attention should call for emergency help at hospitals.

Like any good doctor a hospital needs good nurses too! In addition, Asia MD also has a ‘Chatbot Nurse’ to complement our ‘Ask-A-Doctor’ service. Users who are merely curious about certain non-pressing healthcare matters can use this chatbot for more general questions. So head on to Asia MD to Ask a doctor FREE in Singapore!

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