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Dispel Medical Fake News Singapore. Debunk Medical Misinformation. Medical misinformation has centred around key themes: food and beverages as “cures,” hygiene practices, and medicines. Psychologists’ research on misinformation and ‘fake news‘ may help in the fight to debunk myths surrounding COVID-19.

Verifying fake health and medical news – Dispel Medical Fake News – Debunk Medical Misinformation

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Covid-19: Debunking the latest wave of medical misinformation

The current pandemic shows how quickly health misinformation can spread. There have been a number of fake messages and unfounded rumours circulating related to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019). To fight fake news and other forms of disinformation, the best arsenal is education on media and information literacy (MIL).

Asia MD aims to Dispel Medical Fake News as well as Debunk Medical Misinformation and is strongly supported by a network of top medical doctors and medical specialists who provide accurate medical information. The medical articles published on Asia MD have been written or edited by trained, experienced journalists who:

  • Have interviewed medical doctors directly
  • Use verified medical information from healthcare authorities or government agencies
  • Source authentic information from medical textbooks or established medical journals

Verifying fake health and medical news the Asia MD way

Fighting Medical Fake News in Singapore – How to Fight Fake Health & Medical News with Asia MD? Do you see an increasing problem of fake medical news story, fake health news or even fake medical news online? With COVID news becoming part and parcel of our daily lives, there are tonnes of updates and potential misinformation going around, creating unnecessary panic and fear. So what are some of the ways you can fact check the latest updates on COVID-19, and which sites can you go to debunk fake news?

How To Stop Fake News On Covid-19 In Singapore?

In a time when fake news, half truths, misinformation is widely available. How do you discern what is true and what is false. How To Stop Fake News On Covid-19 In Singapore? As the coronavirus spreads, so does an infodemic of misinformation. Researchers across the world are attempting to understand the viral power of fake news, collecting data and building models that could suggest methods for countering its spread. We’ll need more than facts to fight medical misinformation. In 2019, measles cases in the U.S. have been on the rise, much of it driven by false claims about the safety of the vaccine.

In 2015, an anti-vaccination campaign in Ireland caused a sudden fall in the number of HPV vaccines administered, given to young girls and boys to prevent cervical cancer. Do you know how to fight medical misinformation and fake news on vaccines & treatment of medical diseases? We need more verified facts for legit sources of medical information like Asia MD.

If you have more medical questions which are not addressed fully by our Asia MD website, let us help you find the best medical doctors to solve them.

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