Zhirenkang (Asia MD) and Zhonglianxin Insurance Services Held a Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony



Zhirenkang (Asia MD) and Beijing ZhongLianXin Insurance Services Held a Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony


Asia MD China Launch Event 21 Sep 2023Above: Asia MD’s milestone event themed “Excellent Medical Care, the Light of Singapore” in Beijing, China


Singapore, September 21 2023 – Zhirenkang (Qingdao) Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhirenkang”) from Singapore’s Asia MD Pte. Ltd. successfully held a milestone event with the theme of “Excellent Medical Care, the Light of Singapore” on September 21. This momentous occasion was participated by the presence of over 20 esteemed guests from the medical insurance field.


One of the highlights of the event was the strategic cooperation agreement signed with Beijing ZhongLianXin Insurance Services. The objectives of the agreement focus on a joint exploration of the international premium medical service market demand with the support of Singapore’s renowned medical system. The collaboration also established a partnership to provide customers with a set of comprehensive medical service options.


The founder of Singapore-based Asia MD Pte. Ltd., Dr Chong Kian Tai, introduced the company’s mission and vision and emphasised the core values of Asia MD Pte. Ltd.: to provide patients with accurate and credible medical information, answer patients’ medical questions, and strive to improve the accessibility and transparency of medical information by bringing together top doctors and medical expert resources.


Mr Liao Jianguang, Chairman of Beijing ZhongLianXin Insurance Services delivered a heartfelt speech at the event highlighting that the cooperation between the two parties will provide customers with more medical insurance options and further improve the accessibility of medical services.


Zhirenkang’s China representative Mr James Seng provided a comprehensive introduction to Singapore’s medical tourism services. He elaborated on Singapore’s excellence and international reputation in the medical field, which garnered significant interest among participants in Singapore’s medical tourism. He also emphasised Singapore’s unique charm as a high-end medical destination globally.


Following the event, participants engaged in a vibrant exchange with the Zhirenkang team. They shared their views and expectations on medical tourism, and at the same time obtained key information about medical services and expert resources, providing more reference for future medical tourism considerations.


This event not only provided participants with the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the Singapore medical tourism market but also promoted communication and cooperation among professionals in the medical community. Zhirenkang will continue to be actively committed to providing excellent medical information services, promoting the development of the medical tourism field, and providing customers with better medical choices and experiences.



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About Asia MD Pte. Ltd.:

Supported by top medical doctors and medical specialists in providing accurate medical information, Asia MD Pte. Ltd. strives to empower patients with sources of verified medical information to help them arrive at the best possible outcomes. 

For more information, visit www.asiamd.com


About Zhirenkang (Qingdao) Information Technology Co., Ltd.:

Zhirenkang is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore’s Asia MD Pte. Ltd. in China. As a medical information platform, Zhirenkang is committed to providing accurate medical information to global users. It relies on the resources of Singapore’s top doctors and medical experts to provide users with reliable medical consulting services.


About Beijing ZhongLianXin Insurance Services:

Beijing ZhongLianXin Insurance Services is a national professional insurance agency headquartered in Beijing. The company cooperates with nearly 50 insurance companies to provide life insurance, health insurance, mid-to-high-end medical insurance, accident insurance, travel insurance, property insurance and other multi-angle insurance services to provide customers with comprehensive insurance protection.



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